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ECS-ID (for students, part-time lecturer, etc...)

ECS-ID (Student account)

IIMC offers a variety of information services, such as campus network connections and emails.

There are two different types of accounts: ECS-ID and SPS-ID.

ECS-ID or SPS-ID is used to access the electronic journals provided by the library and KULASIS.

ECS-ID account is consisted of alphabets and numbers and issued to students and faculty staff listed as below.

SPS-ID account is consisted of your name and numbers and issued for the faculty and staff.



Undergraduate student

Graduate student

Research student

Auditing student

non-degree special students

Special auditing student

Short-term exchange student
Faculty and Staff:

Professor Emeritus

Guest Scholar

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science(JSPS) researcher

Guest research associate

Private collaborative researcher

Contract researcher

Research fellow

Part-time lecturer (External)

Temporary employees

Contact ICT Support center
  • The 1st floor of Academic media center, South building

Yoshida Nihonmatsu-cho , Sakyo-ku Kyoto zipcode:606-8501

  • TEL 075-753-9000
  • OPEN 9:00~17:00
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Acquisition and renewal of ECS-ID account

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