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client certification

Client Certification

Client Certification is the digital certification for identification.
In authenticating to access to Information resources, the combination of ID and password are sent to the server for identification.
On the other hand, in the authentication using client certification, it's communicated distinguishing the specified client certification and the partner who has its secret key in communicating with the client. In short it's judged in decoding the encrypted information by secret key with the client certification of the partner who had acquired.
In comparison with the password style which can be authenticated from any PC, it's not convenient however it has higher security because having secret key will be essencial and the environment for authentication will be limited.
Also, users don't have to send ID and Password from the client to server and the secret information won't be leaked even if users were to connect to the malicious server such as physing website.
As it is the digital certification, users can sign or encrypt to various e-resources.
Using the mail client software for S/MIME enables users for signature to shoe that the content of the text is not tempered and for encryption not to be browsed by others.

※Usage in Kyoto University
Authentication with client certification and secret key by using Authentication IC card embed in the tip to some website such as the Financial Accounting System and it has higher security for users.

Application for the use of the service【Limited on-Campus】

Please apply for the use of the service from the following Website.

※After the issuance of client certificate, the mail will be delivered saying "please wait until the access PIN will be delivered after receiving this mail." Kyoto University provides PIN (Personal Identification Number) on "Client certificate issuance application system" not by mail.
You can check it in 5 mins after application. Please log in the system and click the application number to check.

Cautions for acquiring

  • The validation of the issued certification is 4 years and 4 month.
  • There is no limitaion for acquiring in certification for private authentication.
  • S/MIME certification is the one exclusive to all-university mail address(KUMOI or KUMail). Using several S/MIME certifications at the same time tends to have a trouble. In using S/MIME certification for the same time you can use only one. (If the old S/MIME certification is invalid, users can acquire the new one.)

The outline of the Client Certification Issuance service

Using this service enables users to acquire the client certification issued by "UPKI digital certification issuance service, NII, in a few minites. Users are limited to the students and the Faculty and Staff in Kyoto University. In acquiring, ECS-ID or SPS-ID will be required. 【The type of the certification to be acquired】 The client certification users can acquire is the following 2 types.

  • "Personal Certification"・・・Available in authenticating for the connection to Wireless LAN or VPN provided by KUINS .
  • "S/MIME certification"・・・Available in the digital signature or the encryption for All-University Mail(KUMOI or KUMail).

Use procedure ・ Regulations


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