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Data Storages

Here are the services available for data storage for various activities, including learning, teaching, and research.


  1. Capacity and Usage
  2. Share Functions
  3. Other Functions

For more information on each service, click on the service name.

1. Capacity and Usage

Service nameCapacityUsage and Notes
Google Drive
My Drive, Shared Drive
My Drive: 100GB*1
Shared Drive: 50GB
Documents sharing in projects
- My Drive can be used by SPS-ID holders.
- Shared Drive is available for each Secondary Groups.
OneDrive (Microsoft 365) 5TB*6
File Transfer (KUMail Storage) 2GB Share contracts and confidential documents with students or persons outside the university
File storage in Garoon 5GB*2 Storage of meeting documents and regulations for long-term sharing
Messages in Garoon 5GB*2 Short-term sharing of business documents
Nextcloud (Campus ICT Labs) 100GB File sharing in projects and research groups

2. Sharing Functions

Service nameSharing among multiple personal devicesShareable withShareable range
Faculty & StaffStudents or persons outside the universityIndividualSecondary Group
Google Drive
My Drive, Shared Drive
OneDrive (Microsoft 365) *5 *5 ×
File Transfer (KUMail Storage) × ×
File storage in Garoon × ×
Messages in Garoon × × *4
Nextcloud (Campus ICT Labs) ×

3. Other Functions

Service nameChange of OwnerTrash function
Google Drive
My Drive, Shared Drive
*3 ◯(30 days)
OneDrive (Microsoft 365) × ◯(93 days)
File Transfer (KUMail Storage) × ×
File storage in Garoon ◯(10 days)
Messages in Garoon × ×
Nextcloud (Campus ICT Labs) ◯(No deadline, under consideration)
  1. Totals within Google Workspace
  2. Totals within Garoon
  3. Folders and files in Google Drive's My Drive can have their owners changed to the user with whom they are shared, but since only one user can be designated as the owner, the current owner must change to the new owner. For example, if the current owner leaves the company without changing to the new owner, the owner of the relevant file/folder cannot be changed, and the relevant file/folder will be deleted after 360 days. Folders/files in the Google Drive shared drive are owned by the team, not the individual. Even if the creator leaves the company, there is no need to change the owner.
  4. Garoon messages can select a secondary group and designate its members as the destination, but they are kept as individual members in the destination, so if a member in the secondary group changes after the message is sent, the message destination will not reflect the change.
  5. OneDrive sharing has been available for both internal and external users since October 4, 2023. However, since Microsoft365 has strict restrictions on searching and viewing by other users, it is not possible to search by name or group when setting up sharing. Sharing is only possible when the email address is an exact match.
  6. From February 2024, A1 license will be changed to 100 GB.

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