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Wireless LAN FAQ

The manual for connecting to a wireless LAN is available at

If you are unable to connect despite following the manual, Please check the following points.

(1) Is your ID, password valid?

  • For connecting to KUINS-Air, ECS-ID(Students)/SPS-ID(Faculty and Staff) is required.
    In order to check ECS-ID/SPS-ID is correct, please click one of the following links and confirm if you can successfully login.

    (KUMOI : Kyoto University Mail for Student)

    (KUMail : Kyoto University Mail for Faculty and Staff)

  • For connecting to eduroam, eduroam account or visitor account is required. (Please click manual for details.)
    Please be sure to enter ID, password correctly and also confirm the expiry date.

(2) Are you in the available area of KUINS Wi-Fi?
If radio wave is not strong enough, you will possibly fail to connect to Wi-Fi. Once you missed, the authentication may fail for some time. Please wait for a while then try again in the area where you can find the strong radio wave. The location of Wi-Fi access points is here.(Currently only in Japanese. Sorry.)

(3) Is the clock in your PC correct?
The connection error might occur if the clock in your PC/terminal is not correct. Please set the exact time and try again.

(4) Is the setting correct?
Even though you checked the above points but still cannot connect to KUINS-Air or eduroam, please delete the setting first then try to setup again. To delete the setting, please refer to I want to delete Wi-Fi setting.

(5) Windows 8.1?
Please refer to (Windows8.1) In connecting to KUINS-Air, the message "Server ID cannot be verified" appears, which prevents the connection to KUINS-Air.

(6) Android?
Please refer to (Android) I cannot click on "Connect" or cannot select "CA certificate".

(7) macOS,iPad,iPhone?
Please refer to (macOS, iPad, iPhone) Cannot connect to KUINS-Air.

Even though you checked the above points but still cannot connect to KUINS Wi-Fi, please write down the building name, room number and the date/time where/when you tried to connect, your ID (password is not necessary), the error message etc. in inquiry form.

Please refer to the below link in order to delete Wi-Fi setting.


DNS setting might not be "Automatic acquision". Please refer to the following web site and acquire the DNS server address automatically.

It is prohibited to share someone's ID and password. Please refer to this manual in order to ask to enter them every time. It mentions KUINS-Air but the procedure is same for eduroam.

Because of the version up etc of Android OS, the setting might have been changed. If "Use system certificate" has been unavailable, or failture. Please download CA certificate from the following site.

Security Communication RootCA2 Repository "SCRoot2ca.cer".

you are asked to name the certificate when you click the download link. Assign a name as you like and click OK. Then downloading will be finished. Or, you need to download the certificate in your PC first, then save it in SD card. Install it in Android from [Settings > Security > install via SD card(storage)].please select the downloaded "SCRoot2ca.cer" file in CA certificate field when you configure the Wi-Fi connection.

If you cannot connect even after installing the above CA certificate, set the CA certificate to "unspecified" and do not verify the certificate. (However, the connection is less secure)

And enter "kyoto-u.ac.jp" for KUINS-Air or "federated-id.eduroam.jp" for eduroam. For the details of settings, please refer to each Android manual in the Usage section from the below link.

There might be the case that you can't connect to KUINS-Air with the restriction of WiFi connection in using the following maker's product.


You can connect in setting "Invalid" in the "WMM" function with the following steps.

(1)Start "Network connection".
(2)Right-click "WiFi" and start "Property".
(3)Click "Compose" button.
(4)In the "detail settings" tab,Invalid the "WMM" and click "OK" button.

In case you cannot connect KUINS-Air even if you click "Connect" button in the popup "Server ID cannot be verified", please try the following steps.

1. Download server certification chain file from the following link and save it somewhere in your PC.
2. Double-click the downloaded certification file and click "install the certification" button.
3. Select "local computer" for the location to save, click "Next".
(If the popup "Do you allow this program to make a change on this computer?" appears, click "Yes".)
4. By default, "Select certification store automatically depending on the type of certifications" is selected. Click "Next".
5. Click "Finish".
6. Restart your PC.
7. Re-connect to wifi following the manual.

Due to the replacing system like server certificate of KUINS-Air, there might be the case you cannot connect to KUINS-Air. Please check the maintenance information etc. from time to time then perform the setting of "Kyodai Rakuraku setting tool" again.

(Kyodai Rakuraku setting tool)

Depending on the function of printers or file servers, some of them cannot be found. In that case, please specify the IP address of the devices in order to setup.

Please refer to this manual and change the setting so that ID and password will be always required. Please enter VLAN number every time in order to switch the target VLAN. If they have already been saved, delete the settings and set again.
In order to confirm if you connected to your target VLAN, please check IP address shown in this link.

A repeater cannot be connected to a KUINS access point. In order to enhance the signal, you need to install additional access points. If you wish to do so, please refer to this page and apply for it.


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