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The eduroam is the service which offers Wireless LAN Roaming(Mutual use) between several educational research institutes such as universities. Kyoto University also uses this service.

For the information of institute, please check domestic or World.
This service complies with eduroamJP private policy.

To students, faculty and staff members in Kyoto University

The eduroam account is available not only in Kyoto University but also in other institutes.

Please refer to the following manuals for the connection with each devices.

If you plan to use eduroam at other institutes, please setup and try to connect to eduroam inside campus in advance. If you cannot connect in other institute, please contact the administrator of that institute.

To those who belongs to the eduroam participant institute

Please use the eduroam account in checking and setting it in each institute in advance.

To those who does not belong to the eduroam participant institute

Only faculty and staff can issue the accounts for visitors. Please refer to "Temporary network users guide" for the details.


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