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Application for KUINS-III static IP address

When you connect devices to KUINS-III LAN outlet, normally IP address will be assigned automatically by KUINS DHCP server. However, static IP address is required depending on devices such as network printers or file servers etc.

If you set static IP address, the following items are necessary.
(The names of items might differ depending on devices' OS.)

The following information can be found when managers or contact persons in charge of each VLAN log in to KUINSDB.

IP address (static IP address assigning to terminals)

The IP address between "Start address" to "End address" are available for static IP address.

  • If you want to expand/narrow the range of static IP address, please proceed the change application of "number of static IP address" in KUINSDB.
  • Assigned static IP address should be managed by managers or contact persons in charge of each VLAN. Remarks column in KUINSDB is useful.

Subnet mask

Designate the shown address exactly.

Default gateway

Designate the IP address in "IP:" field.

Please refer to DNS servers information.

IP addresses outside of your range are used by KUINS. If you wrongly assined such adresses, the duplication of IP address will happen, which causes network failure.
Please use only your own range when you assign IP address to devices.


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