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Learning Support Service (PandA)

We started the learning support system called PandA by Sakai from the first semester of 2013.Faculty members and students use contents connected with their classes from WWW browser in this service.In getting this service it requires to use students' account(ECS-ID) and Faculty and Staff's account(SPS-ID)

Login to PandA LMS

Please Click here (https://panda.ecs.kyoto-u.ac.jp) to access PandA.
Panda is not available from 4am to 6am every morning due to the server maintenance.

You need an ECS-ID if you are the part-time instractor.

Coordination of PandA and course worksite opening /courses registration

Course Information and Rosters of KULASIS are automatically registered. Rosters are registrated 1 day after of you change in KULASIS.

PandA Cours/Roster status

【To faculty and staff】

In opening the course site please refer to the manual for Faculty members in the following link. The condition of the coordination will be updated depending on the condition of Faculty, Research section and KULASIS.

You can share "one course site" with the plural classes.

Please request with application form to Support group, if you could not open your courses site via KULASIS.

For part-time lecturers

To use PandA, the acquisition of your SPS-ID or ECS-ID is mandatory. If you wish to open your course from KULASIS, your SPS-ID or ECS-ID must be linked with the information of KULASIS. If an error occurs when you create a site, please contact us.

Project Site

We will open the project website for the subject not coordinate with KULASIS. Please send project website application form to the Support group. (The project website is not be able to be coordinated with the course information.)

Video Platform Kaltura (For faculty and staff members)

We have introduced "Kaltura", a video creation, management and publishing service that can be used from PandA. With "Kaltura", you can publish a video prepared in advance on the PandA site, or shoot a video using WebCam. In addition, you can create a quiz video in the selected format or a lecture video using PowerPoint, and perform simple editing (trimming).

My Media

Functions such as recording, uploading, editing, and publishing can be used by adding to users (faculty and staff members/ part-time teachers) PandA My Works Space. You can also use Kaltura Capture with advanced editing features from this site.
To use it, your application is required. If you are considering or wish to use it, please contact us. SPS-ID or ECS-ID is necessary for this application. Basically, this can be used for lessons and orientations held by faculty members (including part-time lecturers).
If instructors want Teaching Assistants to use MyMedia as assistants to the class or orientation, you the instructor should apply us. inform us the instructor name, name of a course, course ID and your contact information (email address etc.).

Media Gallery

Media Gallery is the tool to publish Kaltura videos on the course site or project site. You can add Media Gallery to your site by yourself. (You don't have to make any applications from April 5th, 2020)
Please do the following procedure.
1. Select the course site which you want to add Media Gallery.
2. Click "Site Info". Then, go to " Edit Tools". You can add "Media Gallery" by checking it on "Edit Tools" screen.
Notes: You can add videos to Media Gallery alone, but if you want to use advanced functions, please apply for "My Media".


How to Use Zoom in PandA



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