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On-campus Network(KUINS) FAQ

Please check here if it's connected correct with network connection.

If not,

  1. [Right-click on the start screen][All applications][Windows system tool][Command prompt]
  2. Input "ipconfig /all" and press Enter key.
  3. Confirm "IPv4 address(IPv4 address)".
  1. Choose [Apple mark][System environment setting]
  2. Click [Internet and Network][Network]
  3. Confirm "IP Address".
  1. Tap [Settings]
  2. Tap [General][About]
  3. Confirm "Wi-Fi Address"
  1. Tap [Settings]
  2. Tap [About phone]
  3. Confirm "Device Wi-Fi MAC address"
  1. The dislodgment of Power adapter(Please confirm the Power LED)
  2. The dislodgment of UTP cable and disconnection(Please change the cable)
  3. The trouble of Switching hub(Power OFF/ON,Connect directly to the wall outlet)
  4. Cutting the connection automatically due to loop failure,(Investigation for the reason,recovery,cancellation application)
  5. DHCP by router device(Check if the IP address is 192.168,Remove the device,Change to the bridge connection)

will be the reasons.

We will use the global IP address in KUINS-II and will use private IP address in KUINS-III.Please use KUINS-II for the server on public outside or the device to communicate directly and use KUINS-III for the PC or Printer limited on-campus.

  • KUINS-II: and
  • In limiting connection in KUINS-II host, please limit with its IP address because it will be connected directly from KUINS-II or KUINS-III.
  • In limiting connection in off-campus host, please limit with the IP address for connecting to off-campus.
  • VLAN stands for "Virtual LAN" and is the virtual network group independent from the physical connection style. It enables to connect to the same network even if located far from the laboratory in the same campus.Usually, we can't communicate between different VLANs.
  • "VLANs communication"
    • We want to connect the VLANs between different campus
    • We want to connect even if the administrators of the VLAN are different
    It will support the personal requests for connection like above.
    It is possible to have one-way connection setting such as "From VLAN-A to VLAN-B".
    Even if there are connections between VLAN-A and VLAN-B,VLAN-B and VLAN-C, there are no connections between VLAN-A and VLAN-C.

Please use "eduroam" Wifi service.
A limited-time "visitor account" can be issued only faculty.
A visitor account is not required if the visitor has already issued an eduroam account at their institution.

Generally the information consent in labo or office will be checked visually or control room entry testriction by physical key,however,we can't prevent unauthorized utilizaion of outsiders.

First of all, would you try using wireless LAN

If you want to use wired connection,please use Web Authentication socket.


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