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ORCID Profile Connection System (RIS-ORCID)

Designed for FacultyStaff

ORCID is an organization that helps researchers around the world to have a permanent and unique digital ID to clarify the attribution of paper submissions and research grants and to ensure that individual achievements are properly recognized, and ORCID iD is an ID issued by the organization to researchers.
RIS-ORCID (ORCID Profile Connection System), which allows faculty and staff at Kyoto University to list their publicly available activity achievements on their personal ORCID page (ORCID registry) as public information, or to obtain the contents of the ORCID registry for use within Kyoto University The ORCID Registry is a system for obtaining ORCID information for use within Kyoto University.

(For more information on ORCID support at Kyoto University, please refer to About ORCID, an international researcher ID [on-campus only].

Requirements & Rules

To use RIS-ORCID, you must already have an ORCID iD. If you do not have an ORCID iD, please obtain an ID from the New ORCID iD registration.
*If you already have an ORCID iD, please make sure you can sign in to ORCID.

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