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Activity Database on Education and Research

Designed for FacultyStaff

It is a tool for publicizing education and research activities as well as for promoting the results of one's own activities, and is also important basic data for faculty evaluation at the University.

Under the School Education Law Enforcement Regulations (Article 172-2), each university is required to publicize the status of its education and research activities.
We are developing a database of educational and research activities for the purpose of publicizing "information on the degrees and achievements held by each faculty member.

Requirements & Rules

About edit and publish

KDB(Kyoto Univ. Activity Database on Education and Research), it is necessary to update the education and research activity data of the following faculty members.

  • Full-time (Including specified faculty members, including assistants at the time of faculty evaluation)

About updating data for people other than the above

Faculty and staff other than the above are also available.

If you wish to register a KDB account and are other than the above, please obtain the approval of your department head and submit your registration application form through the administrative staff of your department.

Usage as Department office staff and Proxy user

You can also use as Department office staff and Proxy user on KDB. Department office staff can add KDB users as other accounts as same department office staff. Faculty can add KDB users as his / her proxy user.


KDB Account Type

Account Type Main user Available data scope
Researcher Faculty Self data only
Department office staff Office staff Faculty members in your department data only
Proxy user Office staff
Secretary etc.
Delegated faculty data only
*Same rights as researcher
System Administrator System operator
*IIMC only

Account add / modify / delete

After creating your KDB Researcher Account, we will let you know by KUMail.

Account Type When add
When modify
When delete
Researcher End of the month of adoption
(System Administrator)
End of the month of department transfer
(System Administrator)
End of the second month following the month of retirement
(System Administrator)
Department office staff Optional
(same department office staff)
*1 Optional
(same department office staff)
Proxy user Optional
*1 Optional

*1 Account affiliation does not change. It is necessary to delete the account before the department transfer and create an account after the department transfer.

Access {Service}

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Faculty & Proxy user

Department office staff

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