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We have contracted a Zoom site license (Kyoto university Zoom service) for all university faculty and staff. By using an account registered with this license, you can use Zoom meeting rooms linked to classes from within each course site of the learning support system PandA. You can also sign in directly to Zoom's service and hold an online meeting without using PandA.


  • Hold a meeting with 300 attendees
    When using it for large-scale classes and events, it is possible to temporarily change the settings so that up to 500 people can participate by application.

  • Cancellation of the time limit (upper limit of 40 minutes) (up to 24 hours in a row)

  • Cloud recording function
    • However, the following rules will be established regarding the storage capacity used for cloud recording.
      • [3GB] per subject for class use / [0.5GB] per person for non-class use
      • Delete unused recording files on the cloud as much as possible
      • For long-term necessary recordings, please download them from the cloud to your device.
      • Use the function of "Automatically delete cloud recordings after days" according to the situation
      • Please note that if you exceed the capacity, we may warn you in advance and take measures such as deleting the recording.
        *After recording starts, the recording will not suddenly stop during the meeting.
  • breakout room
    • Number of rooms Up to 100 rooms
    • Number of participants per room 300 people (500 people when large meeting option is set)

  • Pre-approved linked app: Slack (as of May 22, 2020)

  • E2EE (end-to-end encryption) function available (from 2021/3/12)

  • Automatic Subtitling (Live Transcription).

  • Webinar functionality is not provided.

1. Requirements & Rules

  • By completing the usage application procedure, you can use the license for the KU Zoom Service.

  • In principle, the application procedure is for faculty members who belong to Kyoto University.
    • Officially employed TAs, RAs, and OAs are also receiving licenses for the KU Zoom Service by email application from the instructor, TA, RA, or OA themselves.
      (It is not possible to continue from the previous year, so be sure to apply for each year.)

  • The license is granted to the applicant's university-wide email address.
      • It cannot be given to email addresses other than the university email address.

      • Online meeting participants (students, etc.) do not need an account to access the Zoom meeting room.

      • If you already have a Zoom account registered with the email domain through a departmental or individual contract (including free ones) and have registered for a Zoom-wide license using the application procedure above. , it will be a switch from the existing contract, and you will not be able to use the meeting rooms, functions, and recorded archives based on the existing contract.

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3. Get Started

4. How to Use

  • Download Center (Zoom Official) Get the client software from the download center above. Clients downloaded from the "Zoom site for government agencies" may cause problems such as being unable to log in.

5. FAQs

    6. Cancellation

    • If you are no longer a faculty member or part-time lecturer at our university, your license will be deleted.

    7. Inquiries

    Send inquiries
    Please select "Zoom" for the Type of Inquiry.


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