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Google Meet

Designed for FacultyStaff

You can easily hold online meetings from the faculty and staff email page (Gmail).

Be careful who you share the meeting URL with.


  • Online meetings are possible by making meeting URLs and sharing them with participants

Operation status

Please check the Google Workspace Status Dashboard for information on service availability and current outages.

1. Requirements & Rules

To use it, you need to log in to faculty and staff groupware or faculty and staff email (KUMail). Please see below for how to log in.

2. How to Use

[How to hold a meeting]

  1. On the faculty and staff email (KUMail) page, click the "Google Apps" menu on the upper right or "Meet" on the left menu.
  2. Click "Create a new meeting", and you will get the meeting URL, so share it with the participants.
    (When holding from the Google app, get the URL by "Create new meeting" → "Create next meeting")
  3. Access the issued URL when you hold the meeting.

[How to join a meeting]

  • Access the meeting URL shared by the organizer.


  • Anyone who knows the meeting URL can participate in the meeting (non-members can apply for participation). So be careful who you share the meeting URL with.

For details, please refer to the Faculty and Staff Groupware Operation Manual.

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3. Other Google Workspace Services

Google Meet is one of the services provided by faculty and staff groupware (Google Workspace).See below for other services.

4. Inquiries

If the FAQs do not solve your problem, please contact us using the Inquiries
※Please select Faculty And Staff Groupware as the inquiry type.


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