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It's the Wireless LAN service to connect to the network with the authentication using university account(ECS-ID, SPS-ID) or KUINS device account or a client certificate. By switching to client certificate authentication, you can use the service more securely.

In using KUINS-Air, it will be connected to on-campus network(KUINS) and users can browse the contents limited on-campus.

We would like to ask you to use referring to the rules and guidelines in Kyoto University.


Please refer to the following manuals for each devices.

* Please refer to the FAQ.


Connection to Labo(VLAN fixed connection)

KUINS-Air will be connected to the shared KUINS-III,and the Labo resource will be available in connecting to KUINS-III of Labo VLAN. KUINS device account automatically connect to Labo VLAN.

Additional cautions
  • Available only Yoshida,Uji,Katsura. Inside the university hospital ward : The only VLANs inside the hospital campus are available.
  • For printers or file servers, please assign static IP address and connect via LAN cable. Such devices might not be found while connecting to KUINS-Air with VLAN fixed connection. In that case, please specify the IP address of the devices in order to setup.

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