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IKEv2 (Internet Key Exchange Protocol Version 2) is one of the VPN (Virtual Private Network) to realize the secure communication from off-campus network environment to on-campus network, KUINS-III.
It enable users to browse the contents limited on-campus and connect to server from outside the campus like your home etc.

This service may not be available. Please check the FAQ for details.


For use, client certificate is required. and ECS-ID or SPS-ID is required for applying for client certificate. Please prepare for them.
As for user manual, please refer to the below links.

If you have any issues for connection, please refer to the FAQ.


  • The connection hours are 6 hours at most. Please reconnect it in using for long hours.
  • One connection at the same time per one client certificate.
  • If you lose your device, please revoke the client certificate as soon as possible.

Connection to Lab(VLAN fixed connection)

Above will carry out the connection to the shared KUINS-III, but you can use the lab information resource in connecting to KUINS-III laboratory or office(lab) network.

Additional cautions

  • One connection at the same time per one ID.
  • Available only Yoshida,Uji,Katsura,Inuyama,Otsu,Kumatori.
  • The IP address assigned to devices will convert it to the one of specific lab network by using NAT(Network Address Translation).
  • Because of NAT, broadcasting or multicasting cannot be used. If you want to use printers or file servers, please specify the IP address of the devices in order to setup.

Use of information resource off-campus

After the VPN connection, it comes to have the network environment of KUINS-III on-campus. For the use of information resource off-campus, please refer to Connection to off-campus service.


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