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SSH Port Forward from KUINS-III

"SSH(Secure Shell)" is the protocol to communicate with the remote host via network in encrypted route. "Port forward" is the function to forward the port of your PC to the port of the optional remote host via SSH server. You can use the port of the optional remote host as a port of PC.


SSH server is

and is connectable from off-camous as well.

ECS-ID or SPS-ID, and its client certificate is required.

Check fingerprint of SSH Sever host key.

  • RSA ... IriSdFL5M9O9BTl0RpwaiHP6RdrwsHcQcxF1EVlHA/s
  • ECDSA ... X+WWpyQS5c7+vyEg0ab5mqsNSo4apgrqzFPPRMBtaJM
  • ED25519 ... l9Wl4jBYEkke7bpfuSfMESrnu8YwyJs96tKLV0Umjr4

SSH client is

  1. Preparing OpenSSH
    • Windows
      Click "Settings" "Apps" "Manage optional features" to install "OpenSSH Client".
      Then it's available with "Terminal" or "Command Prompt".
    • macOS
      It's available from "Terminal".
  2. Creating public key and private key
    ssh-keygen -t ed25519 If you are already using public key authentication, you can register that public key.
  3. Applying to register the public key
    The public key is the file "" in the ".ssh" folder in your home.
    Client certificate is required for site login.
  4. Puting the signed public key
    A signed public key will be issued immediately, so download it and put it in the ".ssh" folder in your home with the file name "".
  5. Use
    You can use "ssh", "scp" and "sftp" commands.


  • Available public keys are RSA, ECDSA, and ED25519. RSA requires a length of 2048 bits or more. Please replace the ssh-keygen options and key file names accordingly.
  • When using a FIDO device such as YubiKey, please create as follows.
    ssh-keygen -t ed25519-sk "-sk" is added to the file name.
  • The signed public key is available for 2 years and 1 month. If you apply again, please create a new public key.
  • If you lose or dispose of your computer, please revoke it from the above site.

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