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Information socket with web authentication

It's the service to connect to Internet from information socket in the Hall or Conference room in on-campus facilities.


  • Lecture rooms, Conference rooms, Seminar rooms, and Study space etc, used by department, Faculty,Major in common.
  • Labo for joint research, joint research on-campus and common education for Faculty and Major.


  • Administrative office, Staff room and living room of Faculty and Staff, Researchers and Students
  • Seminar rooms for class, labo, research project, Conference room, Study room,Labo etc


Either ECS-ID or SPS-ID or KUINS device account will be required for use.Please prepare for them in advanve.

Please enter your ID and password in the screen displayed on browser in connecting to the Internet. Proxy setting is unnecessary. In case the authentication fails, please try to use another browser.

Application for new socket

These sockets are always available.

In case of new socket, the manager of information security technology in each division has to fill

  1. The name of applicant
  2. The name of manager of information security technology in division
  3. The name of information socket, building, room number, the name of the room,use of the room
  4. The name, Affiliation, Contact address of the inquirer about information socket
in inquiry form for application.

IIMC will make proxy application for registration of the device.

available rooms

list of available rooms

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