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Application for using KUINS network

In using KUINS ,the application to KUINSDB is required.
KUINSDB is also available from off-campus if the browser has a client certificate installed.

Applicatns Account for Faculty and Staff,SPS-ID or Account for Executives *1
IP address Global IPv4 address Private IPv4 address
Purpose of using The device which requires the direct communication with the device off-campus such as TV conference or the server released off-campus The device which doesn't require the releasing off-campus such as PC or Printer
Unit of application Server host Network(VLAN)
Fee *2 1,750 yen a month/ IP address 350 yen a month / Information socket *3
Budget items Management Expenses Grants or consigned research fund
Planned date for operation Manager
Payment Manager
An item of expense
Classification of expense
Department to be charged
Registeration for general releasing
On the day Manager
Payment Manager
An item of expense
Classification of expense
Department to be charged
Registeration for general releasing
On the day
Host name
Setting spot
On the day Information Socket
ID to be permitted to connect with KUINS-Air or VPN
KUINS device account
next weekday
Creation of new host
Deletion of host
IP address
MAC address
Filtering the off-campus communication
DNS record
Server certificate
Registeration to SMS
On the day or next weekday Creation of new VLAN
Deletion of VLAN
Network address
The number of fixed address
VLAN category
Communication between VLAN
Use of NAT
Tuesday afternoon - Friday morning or next Tuesday
Friday afternoon - Tuesday morning or next Thursday

*1) Account for Executives will be issued with the request from Full-time Faculty and Staff. Please send the name of Executive, position, title of job and mail address from Inquiry form.
*2) Please be noted that the fee will be charged from the month you started to use. We will charge every October and the fee from October to March is the estimated fee. We will pay the Management Expenses Grants at the end of next FY and Consigned research fund at the end of FY.
*3) In case you can't use the service provided in IIMC in the remote facilities, the fee will be discharged.

Application for KUINS-II host

  1. Please check the address range of the building in subnet list. In case the building does not have subnet assigned, please apply the new subnet.
  2. If your information socket is not yet configured, please apply to add it to the VLAN from the subnet VLAN operator. In case you don't know the subnet VLAN operator, please ask us.
  3. Please confirm the available IP address to the subnet VLAN operator.
  4. Please check your MAC address or OS in advance and make an application referring to the "New host application" in manual.

Application for KUINS-III network

  1. Please check the name of Information Socket of your room in advance. It's written on the surface of the panel set on the wall of the room.concent
  2. In adding to the VLAN or "Creation of the new VLAN application" in the manual, please make an application referring to the "application for changing VLAN".

In case of leaving or getting transferred

In case the management in charge or payment in charge of host or network is leaving or getting transferred, other staff has to take his/her place.

Please make an application for changing from KUINSDB.

About personal information

The personal information such as name, position, mail address etc, registered in「Database for registering KUINS connection device」, is acquired from the all-university integrated directory in IIMC, Kyoto University.
Such personal information will be used limited in the following purpose.

  • Acceptance of application for registeration to KUINS-II connection device
  • Acceptance of application for KUINS-III VLAN setting
  • Inquiry for application and result announcement for application
  • Billing process
  • Temporary suspension of the service, occurance of failure and the contact concerning information security

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