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Content Distribution (kubar)

Designed for FacultyStaff

Content distribution service for students and faculty. You can freely access content anytime and anywhere with your University account. It is suitable for distribution of content such as software, etc. that can be used by students, faculty, and staff.

It is used to distribute large file size materials such as videos of workshops, information sessions, guidance, etc.

1. Requirements & Rules

Authentication with a University account (ECS-ID/SPS-ID) is required to access the contents provided by this service.

When a user accesses the contents, his/her e-mail address is recorded in the access log. The e-mail address recorded in the access log may be used by the content provider to notify users of updates and other information.

2. List of contents distributed on kubar

A list of the content on offer can be found at the URL below.

3. Get Started

The 'Application process' is also available at the URL above. Please check it in advance as it contains the information required for use. (Japanese Version Only).

4. Inquiries

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