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Connection to Off-campus Network Services FAQ

As mentioned in Connection to off-campus network services (Staff only) , the port number connectable to off-campus is limited.
You can't connect to the port number excluding No.22 with this situation.

In that case, please connect relaying SSH portforward mentioned below.

(0) Preparation for OpenSSH(ver. after7.3)

      • Windows
      • Click "Settings" "Apps" "Manage optional features" to install "OpenSSH Client".
        Then it's available with "Terminal" or "Command Prompt".
      • macOS
      • It's available from "Terminal".

(1) Connection
If you want to use SSH connection to

  • Host: server.example.net
  • Port : No.8022
  • User: username

Please enter your own ID to [ECS-ID/SPS-ID] and enter ssh -J [ECS-ID/SPS-ID]@forward.kuins.kyoto-u.ac.jp -p 8022 username@server.example.net.
Also, if you want to use SFT, display your option name "sftp -oProxyJump=[ECS-ID/SPS-ID]@forward.kuins.kyoto-u.ac.jp -oPort=8022 username@server.example.net".

(*) Caution

  • First of all, your password of ECS-ID/SPS-ID, then you can use off-campus SSH server authentication.
  • With this connection, it will be connected from SSH portforward. Please delete the restriction in off-campus SSH server.
    IP address of SSH portforward will be succeeded to the new one in renewal of the system.If we have to change the IP address, we will announce in this website.

In browsing E-journals, Proxy settings will be required.

The proxy settings are no longer required.

but plug-in installation is required for your browser.Please check this infomation from Kyoto University Library.

A Plug-in for the New e-Resources Access Authentication System Released

Inquiry: Kyoto University Library


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