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Learning Support Service (PandA) FAQ

Learning Support System (PandA)

I want to share "one course site" with the plural classes.

You can share 'one course site" with the plural classes. with adding rosters of others class if you have Instructor role of their classes.

For Example:
  • [2020前月1] CLASS A
  • [2020前水3] CLASS B
  • [2020前金2] CLASS C

If you are Instractor of those. You can create [2020前月1] CLASS A and add Rosters of rest two classes. thus, you can share one site for 3 classes.

  • Click Site Info and click Edit Class Rosters
  • Click Add Roster(s)
      You can show courses what you can add.
  • Check-in rosters what you want to join.
      you can not add rosters if they are gray out because the site already created.
  • Authorizer's username: and Special Instractio: are keep blancs.
  • Click Continue
  • For adding rosters, you should delete other coursesite which you want to join before joining.
    PandA_Rosters.pdf(Japanese version)


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