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【スパコン】年度末保守でのソフトウェアアップデートのお知らせ / Notification of the Software Update

publication date : Apr. 2, 2013



  1. ソフトウェアの新バージョン導入
  2. module環境設定時のデフォルトバージョンの変更
  3. 一部moduleファイルの廃止について
  4. Intelコンパイラのmsse3オプション自動付与廃止について


The software on the supercomputer has been updated in annual maintenance that had been performed from March 29, 2013.

The following tables show the changes of software versions and configuration files.

  1. New Versions of Software
  2. Default Versions When Configuring the Module
  3. Modulefiles Which Become Obsolete
  4. Disabling the Automatic Addition of the -msse3 Option in Intel Compiler


1. ソフトウェアの新バージョン導入 / New Versions of Software




Those listed below are the new versions of software installed in maintenance.

For details on how to use each software, please visit the following webpages.


New Version
Cray compiler 8.1.5 cce/8.1.5
Intel compiler 12.1.6 intel/12.1.6
13.1.0 intel/13.1.0
PGI compiler 12.10 pgi/12.10
13.3 pgi/13.3
CUDA compiler 4.2.9 cuda/4.2.9
5.0.35 cuda/5.0.35
Cray MPI library 5.6.2 cray-mpich2/5.6.2
Intel MPI library impi/4.1.0
Cray LibSci library 12.0.00 cray-libsci/12.0.00
ACML library 5.3.0 acml/5.3.0
Intel MKL library 10.3.12 mkl/10.3.12
11.0.2 mkl/11.0.2
NAG library (SMP) Mark23 nag_smp/23_intel
Intel VTune Amplifier xe2011 Update10 iutils/xe2011
xe2013 Update5 iutils/xe2013
Intel Trace Analyzer / Collector iutils/xe2013
Intel Inspector xe2011 Update10 iutils/xe2011
xe2013 Update4 iutils/xe2013
Intel Advisor xe2013 Update2 iutils/xe2013
AVS 8.1 avs/8.1
ENVI 5.0 SP2 envi/50sp2
IDL 8.2 SP2 idl/82sp2
tecplot 2013 R1 tecplot360/2013R1
Mathematica 9.0.1 mathematica/9.0.1
MATLAB 2013a matlab/R2013a
MOPAC 2012 mopac/2012
MSC Nastran 2012.2 nastran/20122
Patran 2012.2.1 patran/2012.2.1
LS-DYNA R6.1.1 ls-dyna/ls971-6.1.1
ANSYS 14.5 ansys/v145
Totalview 8.11.0 xt-totalview/8.11.0 (System A)
totalview/8.11.0 (System B/C)


2. module環境設定時のデフォルトバージョンの変更 / Default Versions When Configuring the Module


moduleファイル名のスラッシュ(/)とバージョンを省略してロードすると,デフォルトのバージョンが読み込まれます. デフォルト以外のバージョンを利用したい場合は,スラッシュとバージョン番号を明記してロードしてください.



Those listed below are the default versions of when configuring by using the module command.

If the slash (/) and the version number of a module file are omitted when loading, the default version will be set. Also, if you use the software version besides default, include the slash and the version number clearly when loading.

For details on the configuration by using Modules, please visit the following webpage.


Default Version (Current)
Default Version (Previous)
Cray compiler cce/8.1.5 cce/8.1.0
Intel compiler intel/12.1.6 intel/12.1.3
PGI compiler pgi/13.3 pgi/12.8
CUDA compiler cuda/4.2.9 cuda/4.1.28
Cray MPI library cray-mpich2/5.6.2 xt-mpich2/5.5.3
Cray LibSci library cray-libsci/12.0.00 xt-libsci/11.0.06
ACML library acml/5.3.0 acml/5.1.0
Intel MKL library mkl/10.3.12 mkl/10.3.9
NAG library (SMP) nag_smp/23_intel nag_smp/22_intel
AVS avs/8.1 avs/8.0
ENVI envi/50sp2 envi/48
IDL idl/82sp2 idl/80
tecplot tecplot360/2013R1 tecplot360/2011R2
Maple maple/16 maple/15
Mathematica mathematica/9.0.1 mathematica/8.0
MATLAB matlab/R2013a matlab/R2012a
MOPAC mopac/2012 mopac/2009
MSC Nastran nastran/20122 nastran/20121
Adams adams/2013 adams/2012
Marc/Marc Mentat marc/2012 marc/2011
marc_mentat/2012 marc_mentat/2011
Patran patran/2012.2.1 patran/2012
LS-DYNA ls-dyna/ls971-6.1.1 ls-dyna/ls971-5.1.1
ANSYS ansys/v145 ansys/v130
Totalview xt-totalview/8.11.0 (System A) xt-totalview/8.9.2 (System A)
totalview/8.11.0 (System B/C) totalview/8.9.2 (System B/C)


3. 一部moduleファイルの廃止について / Modulefiles Which Become Obsolete


対象となるmoduleファイルは /opt/app/modulefiles/obsolete に置かれています.2013年度末の保守を目途に,これらのファイルを削除しますので,新しい名称のmoduleファイルで環境設定を行うようにしてください.


The modulefiles for configuration listed below are planned to become obsolete after this maintenance.

The applicable modulefiles are stored in the following: /opt/app/modulefiles/obsolete. These files will be removed in the next annual maintenance which is performed at the end of fiscal year 2013. Please use the renamed modulefiles when configuring.


Modulefiles as Obsolete
Renamed Modulefiles
Intel compiler intel/12.1 intel/12.1.3
PGI compiler pgi/fortran_server/10.5 pgi/10.5
pgi/fortran_server/11.8 pgi/11.8
pgi/fortran_server/12.3 pgi/12.3
pgi/fortran_server/12.8 pgi/12.8
pgi/12.3.0 pgi/12.3
Cray MPI library xt-mpich2/5.4.4 cray-mpich2/5.4.4
xt-mpich2/5.5.3 cray-mpich2/5.5.3
Intel MPI library intel/impi-4.0 impi/4.0.3
intel/impi impi/4.1.0
Cray LibSci library xt-libsci/11.0.06 cray-libsci/11.0.06
Intel MKL library intel/mkl mkl/10.3.9
IMSL library imsl/fnl701 imsl/fnl701-intel
NAG library nag/smp/22_intel nag_smp/22_intel
nag/para/3_intel nag_para/3_intel
Intel debugger / profiler intel/insp iutils/xe2011
Gaussian gaussview/5.0.9 gaussian09/c01
MOPAC mopac/2009 サポート終了のため非公開
(End of Support)


4. Intelコンパイラのmsse3オプション自動付与廃止について / Disabling the Automatic Addition of the -msse3 Option in Intel Compiler

これまで,Intelコンパイラのコンパイルコマンドには,Intelプロセッサ向けに最適化を行うオプション -msse3 が自動で付与されていました. 今回の保守で -msse3 オプションの自動付与を廃止いたしましたので, -msse4.2 などの最適化オプションを必要に応じて手動で付与するようにしてください.

【2013.06.11 追記】





Before maintenace, the -msse3 option, which performs an optimization for Intel processor, has been automatically added to the compile command of Intel compiler. Since the automatic addition of the -msse3 option has been disabled in this maintenance, please manually add an optimization option such as - msse4.2 as necessary.

[Postscript, June 11, 2013]:

The information above about the -msse3 option is incorrect. When using the Intel compiler in the system A, the -msse3 option will be added by default. For details, please visit the following webpage.


We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

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