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Current Trouble

About the failure of IIMC service

publication date : May.25, 2018

The network errors occur in the following services provided by IIMC. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The basic causes for the troubles this time were solved however there is a chance that failure still remains in each servers on infrastructures provided by IIMC(General computing & VM hosting service) and we are yet to announce the restoration condition in each system and service.

We will announce the situation as of 11:00 on May.25.

Name of the System:Period of the error:Condition
KUINS proxy server:15:00 on May.24,2018 :Restored(Transparent Proxy server for Ohtsu:Restored at 11:00 on May.28,2018)
PandA:16:30 on May.24,2018:Restored
VPN service (IKEv2): 8:30 on May.25,2018:Restored
eduroam:15:00 on May.24,2018:Restored
Integrated file server for administrative office:15:30-15:55 on May.24,2018 :Restored
KUINS-AIR VLAN fixed connection:18:00 on May.24,2018:Restored
Kyoto University Webpage:20:00 on May.24,2018:Restored
VM hosting services NOT provided by IIMC:10:00 on May.25,2018 Continuing currently:Under operation
Lifelong mail system:10:50 on May.25 ,2018 Continuing currently:Yet to be restored
Shortening URL service:11:06 on May,24,2018:Restored

There are some servers to be rebooted and we are now supporting contacting with the system manager.

Please contact us if there are some troubles such as the services are unavailable or the managing server doesn't work.

The system was restored. We apologize for the inconvenience and trouble that you may have had.
Date of occurrence 2018/05/24 11:00 ~2019/03/31 23:59
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