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Current Trouble

Failure of System A (already recovered)

publication date : Dec. 7, 2015

System failure has occurred in system A (camphor.kudpc.kyoto-u.ac.jp), and now new jobs cannot be executed.We apologize for any inconvenience and trouble this may cause.

(P.S.12/7 12:55)

Now we will reboot the system A for recovery, and after that all currently executing jobs will be re-executed except for jobs banned to be re-executed. It will be recovered around 14:10 today( December 7).

The system was restored. We apologize for the inconvenience and trouble that you may have had.
Date of occurrence 2015/12/07 10:30 ~2015/12/07 13:45
Inquiry Supercomputing Section, IT Services Division, Information Management Department, Kyoto University
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