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Enhanced prevention of spoofing for KUMail and secondary groups (DMARC)

publication date : Jan.25, 2024

As previously announced in the notice "Enhanced prevention of spoofing for KUMail and secondary groups" we are improving the prevention of email spoofing and email deliverability for faculty and staff email KUMail (@kyoto-u.ac.jp) and secondary groups (@mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp) provided through Google Workspace. The following changes will be made for this purpose.

Implementing these settings may increase the likelihood of successfully delivering emails sent from KUMail.

Details of the Work: Implementing DMARC settings for domain authentication as follows:

Note: "p=none" means that even if DMARC authentication fails, the receiving server is instructed to accept the email as usual.

Scheduled Work Time: January 30 (Tuesday), 12:00-13:00

Email services can be used as usual during this time, and no action is required from users. Furthermore, the above settings will also be inherited by the subdomains of kyoto-u.ac.jp, and it should be noted that these changes will not have any adverse effects. Additionally, if a subdomain has its own DMARC settings, those settings will take precedence.

(Reference: Glossary)

If you have any questions regarding email deliverability, please read the following and contact us: https://sites.google.com/kyoto-u.ac.jp/kumailstart/home#h.hekzd3y9hrub

    Period 2024.01.30 12:00 ~2024.01.30 13:00
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