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[Supercomputer] Scheduled Maintenance

publication date : Nov. 1, 2021

Due to scheduled maintenance, we will suspend the supercomputer services of some systems on the next schedule.
In this maintenance, the login node and the WEB server are targeted and the job execution of the computing node will be continued as it is.

Date and time: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. on December 2 (Thu)
Services to be suspended: Login node of System A, B, and C, ENVI/IDL licensing, HPCI account services, and User Portal

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in advance.

Added: 2021/12/08, 15:30

As the scheduled maintenance of the supercomputer was completed, the service was resumed at 14:00 on December 2, earlier than the schedule.

Period 2021.12.02 09:00 ~2021.12.02 14:00
Range affected

Login node of System A, B and C
ENVI/IDL License Service
HPCI Account Service
User Portal

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