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【スパコン】Notification of the Software Update

publication date : Apr. 6, 2021


  1. ソフトウェアの新バージョン導入
  2. module環境設定時のデフォルトバージョンの変更
  3. ログインノードの代替機運用について


The Supercomputer Systems have been updated upon the completion of the maintenance work started on March 30, 2021.

This update includes the followings:

  1. New Versions of the Software
  2. Changes in Default Versions When Configuring Modules
  3. Temporary Replacement of Login Node

1. ソフトウェアの新バージョン導入 / New Versions of the Software




Those listed below are the new versions of the software installed after the last maintenance.

For details on how to use each software, visit the following webpages:

New Version
システムA / System A
Arm Forge 2021.0 allinea_forge/21.0
システムB,C / System B,C
Intel Compiler intel/
2021.1.1 intel/2021.1.1
Intel MPI 2019.9 impi/2019.9
2021.1.1 impi/2021.1.1
Intel MKL intel/
2021.1.1 intel/2021.1.1
Intel Vtune Amplifier 2021 iutils/xe2021
Intel Advisor 2021 iutils/xe2021
Intel Trace Analyzer 2021 iutils/xe2021
Intel Inspector 2021 iutils/xe2021
Arm Forge 2021.0 allinea_forge/21.0
Adams 2021.0.2 adams/2021.0.2
Marc/Mentat 2020.1 marc/2020.1
Nastran 2021.0 nastran/20210
Patran 2021 patran/2021
Matlab R2020b matlab/R2020b
Mathematica 12.2.0 mathematica/12.2.0
Tecplot360 2020R2 tecplot360/2020R2
AVS 8.5 avs/85
ANSYS 2021 ansys/v210

2. module環境設定時のデフォルトバージョンの変更 / Changes in Default Versions When Configuring Modules


moduleファイル名のスラッシュ(/)とバージョンを省略してロードすると,デフォルトのバージョンが読み込まれます. デフォルト以外のバージョンを利用したい場合は,スラッシュとバージョン番号を明記してロードしてください.



Those listed below are the default versions when configuring using the module command.

If you load without using the slash (/) and the version number of module files, the default version will be set. Also, if you use the software version besides default, specify the slash and the version number when loading.

For details on the configuration using Modules, visit the following webpages:

Default Version (Available Hereafter)
Default Version (Previously Available)
システムA / System A
Arm Forge allinea_forge/21.0 allinea_forge/20.0.2
システムB,C / System B,C
Intel Vtune Amplifier iutils/xe2021 iutils/xe2019
Intel Advisor iutils/xe2021 iutils/xe2019
Intel Trace Analyzer iutils/xe2021 iutils/xe2019
Intel Inspector iutils/xe2021 iutils/xe2019
Arm Forge allinea_forge/21.0 allinea_forge/20.0.2
Adams adams/2021.0.2 adams/2020
Marc/Mentat marc/2020.1 marc/2019.1
Nastran nastran/20210 nastran/20191
Patran patran/2021 patran/2019.1
Matlab matlab/R2020b matlab/R2019b
Mathematica mathematica/12.2.0 mathematica/12.0.0
Tecplot360 tecplot360/2020R2 tecplot360/2019R1
AVS avs/85 avs/84
ANSYS ansys/v210 ansys/v201

3. ログインノードの代替機運用について / Temporary Replacement of Login Node



Due to the temporary replacement of the login node, there is a difference between the FQDN and the host name. Specifically, the host name will be displayed as "camphor3" when you access "camphor2.kudpc.kyoto-u.ac.jp".

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