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【Supercomputer】Application for continued use of the service for FY2021

publication date : Dec.23, 2020

We will send "Supercomputer User List" listed users name of this fiscal year to the payment managers in late January. It is possible to apply for a continued use of the service easily by checking "continuation" in the "Supercomputer User List" and returning it to us by the deadline if there is no change in the application contents. If there is a change in the application contents, please note that an " Application Form for Large Scale Computer Systems" (計算機利用申請書) must be submitted.

Return Due date : 5:00 p.m. on Fri. February 19, 2021.

Please see the following URL for details.

*** Notes ***

○ You may not be able to start the service in April if you cannot submit the form in time. Please keep the deadline.

○ By applying for the continued use of the service, we continue registration of the user number (login ID) as an entry course. If you wish to use group course or personal course, it is necessary to submit a "Service Course Application Form" (サービス申請書). Please make sure to apply.

○Previously, we had mailed the notice for the application for continued use of the service to users as well, however, we had abolished the notice by mail to users since last year. Please share the notice and information directed to the payment managers with related users.

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