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【スパコン】定期保守でのシステムアップデートのお知らせ / Notification of the System Update

publication date : Dec.18, 2013



  1. システムAへのaprunラッパーコマンド導入(IntelコンパイラのOpenMP障害への対応)
  2. known_hostsファイルのハッシュ化
  3. ソフトウェアの新バージョン導入
  4. Module環境設定時のデフォルトバージョンの変更


After the completion of the periodic maintenance on Dec. 17, 2013, the Supercomputer systems have been updated as below:

  1. Aprun wrapper command was introduced to the System A (as the solution to the failure of OpenMP with Intel compiler).
  2. known_hosts files have been hashed.
  3. New versions of the software are now available.
  4. The default version when configuring the module has been changed.


1. システムAへのaprunラッパーコマンド導入(IntelコンパイラのOpenMP障害への対応)
/ Aprun wrapper command was introduced to the System A.


ログイン時にデフォルトでmoduleファイル(aprun_wrap)を読み込むようにしましたので,aprunコマンドを通常通り実行するだけで問題を回避できます. なお,追加したオプションの情報はジョブの標準エラー出力に表示されます.



Regarding the failure occurred in the System A that all threads are executed on one core when executing an OpenMP program compiled by Intel compiler, this update includes that normal threads can be allocated by introducing an aprun wrapper command in the System A and by automatically adding an appropriate -cc option when executing a job. Therefore, this failure can be avoided by normally executing an aprun command. Using this command, the module files (aprun_wrap) are loaded by default when logging in to the System A. For the details of the added options, see the standard error output in the job script.

Using OpenMP with Intel compiler in the System A


2. known_hostsファイルのハッシュ化 / known_hosts files have been hashed.



To strengthen security when connecting using SSH, instead of recording the host names or the IP addresses on the known_hosts files under $HOME/.ssh, this update includes that the host names and IP addresses are hashed by default and then recorded on the files. Accordingly, the names and IP addresses recorded on all of the users' known_hosts files have been forcibly hashed.


3. ソフトウェアの新バージョン導入 / New versions of the software are now available.




Those listed below are the newly-installed versions of the software.

For details on how to use the software, see the webpages below:


New Version
Cray compiler 8.2.2 cce/8.2.2
Intel MPI library 4.1.2 impi/4.1.2
Cray LibSci library 12.1.3 cray-libsci/12.1.3
Java JDK 7u45 java/jdk1.7.0_45


4. Module環境設定時のデフォルトバージョンの変更
/ The default version when configuring the module has been changed.


Moduleファイル名のスラッシュ(/)とバージョンを省略してロードすると,デフォルトのバージョンが読み込まれます. デフォルト以外のバージョンを利用したい場合は,スラッシュとバージョン番号を明記してロードしてください.



This listed below is the default version when configuring using the module command.

When loading a module file without the slash (/) and the version number, the default version of the software is set. Also, when using the version other than the default version, load the module file with the slash and the version number in the file name.

For details of the configuration using modules, see the webpage below:


Default Version (Current)
Default Version (Previous)
Java java/jdk1.7.0_45 java/jdk1.6.0

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