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Lecture of paralle programming(Basic)

publication date : Jul. 7, 2021

This workshop has been cancelled due to the declaration of an emergency in Kyoto Prefecture.(2021/08/19)

We will carry out a lecture and a practical training of paralle programming and tuning.

Practical training will be held in a Unix environment.
Please refer to the following WEB page for the basic use of Unix if you haven't used Unix in the past.
Basic knowledge of UNIX / Linux(http://web.kudpc.kyoto-u.ac.jp/manual/en/linux)

※ This is a face-to-face lecture. Please note that the lecture may be cancelled depending on the situation of the COVID19.

※Please note that the supercomputer is the subject to the Export Administration Regulations and taking lecture is also the subject to the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and relevant laws. For the details, please check "Rules for Use of Supercomputers for Foreign Nationals and Japanese Nationals Residing Overseas".

Rules for Use of Supercomputers for Foreign Nationals and Japanese Nationals Residing Overseas

Date Sep.8(Wed),2021 10:30~16:00, Sep.9(Thu),2021 10:30~16:00 (straight for two days)
Venue Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, North building, third floor, 305 Terminal room
Eligibility for participation The users of large scale computing system
Application Form
Application Period 2021/07/07 13:00:00 ~ 2021/08/18 16:00:00
Capacity 12
Sponsor Large-Scale computing service group
Inquiry IMCD, Large-Scale computing service group, Kyoto University

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