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What's "PandA" ? ! ~ Class support by Learning support system ~(9/18PM)

publication date : Aug.25, 2015

We will introduce PandA, provided by IIMC, in the training style. PandA provide the class support function of Webbase such as class materials, contact to students by mail,homework, collection of homework, scoring,returning the homework,offering online test etc.

Also. you can compose the course website needed for classes as well as link the couese enrollment data by the cordination of KULASIS.(It depends on each department).

※PandA (Basic & beginers) is compulsory but PandA (Intermediate) is optional.

Date 2015/9/18 (Fri) 13:00~15:00
Venue Room 303 South Building of Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University
Participation fees Free
Eligibility for participation Faculty and staff of Kyoto University, TAs, Teachers who are charge of FD in each department etc.15, TAs, Teachers who are charge of FD in each department
Application Required
Application Form Reception for application has been closed.
Application Period 2015/08/25 00:00:00 ~ 2015/09/16 17:00:00
Participation How to Apply

Please apply on the following application form.

Capacity 20
Sponsor Educational System Management Group
Inquiry Educational System Management Group, IT Services Division, Information Management and Communication Department, Kyoto University
Inquiry Form
1. 学習支援システムによる授業支援の現状 (10分)
2. PandA 基礎編 (20分)
・KULASIS との使い分け
3. PandA 初級編 (30分)

4. 中間 Q&A (10分)
※ 以降は省略可能です.ご興味・ご関心に応じてご参加下さい.
5. PandA 中級編 (40分)
6. Q&A (10分)

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