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Paperless Meeting

Designed for FacultyStaff

This is a service that allows you to share meeting materials on iPads connected to the campus wireless LAN. In addition to paperless preparation of meeting materials, you can also use the proceedings function and voting function.

The service is called "ECOMeeting 4U". If you have some iPads prepared by your department, you can use it without preparing a separate server or wireless LAN environment.


  • Meeting management users can proceed with proceedings
  • Equipped with a voting function (named, anonymous, run-off vote) that can be used for deliberation items, etc.
  • Participants can browse university regulations and departmental regulations (registration required) on their iPads.
  • Participants can write, mark, etc. on shared materials on their iPads
  • Materials after the meeting can be saved in the file storage of faculty and staff groupware (Garoon) by the meeting management user.


Information on failures, maintenance, app updates, and other notifications will be sent to the department using the email address below.

Paperless Meeting System Support

1. Requirements & Rules

2. Access {Service}

※Different departments use different servers. Click here for the server to use.

3. Get Started

Please apply from 「iPadペーパレス会議サービス(ECO Meeting 4U)利用等申請」 in the faculty and staff groupware (Garoon) workflow.

For details on how to apply and the application form to be sent, please refer to the information provided in the file storage section of the faculty and staff groupware (Garoon) below.

4. How to Use

For information on how to set up and use the system and apps, and how to make the initial settings for your iPad, please refer to the file management manual below for faculty and staff groupware (Garoon), and proceed with various settings.

5. ECOMeeting app download

Access the following page with Safari on your iPad and tap the link on the page to install the ECOMeeting 4U app.

6. Cancellation

If you want to terminate the use of this service, please apply for suspension of use in the same manner as described in "3. Get Started" above.

At the time, please set the application classification of the application form to be sent to "suspension of use".

7. Online Meeting Services

We also offers some online meeting services. For details, please refer to here.

8. Inquiries

If you have any questions about using this service, please contact us using the Inquiries
※Please select Other as the inquiry type.

If you would like to contact us by email, please contact us at the address below.
Paperless Meeting System Support


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