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Frequently Asked Questions about the use overall FAQ

General use

Check my password.

Last updated on 2023-09-15

The passwords for university-wide accounts (ECS-ID and SPS-ID) are only known by the user who set them, so the system cannot check them. The passwords are set by the user themselves based on the following rules, so please check that they match what you remember.

Rules for setting passwords
  • Half-width character
  • More than 12 words and less than 16 words
  • Use 'upper-case alphabetic' , 'lower-case alphabetic'and 'numbers'
  • (Optional) Symbol

To avoid typing mistakes, try using an application such as Notepad on your PC to write down your password and then copy and paste it to log in.
How to check passwords stored in your browser.

※This operation is not supported. Sorry, but please refrain from inquiring about the operation method. Please note that this method may not work if an incorrect password has already been saved due to an incorrect operation or depending on the setting environment.

Please note that there are certain risks associated with the act of storing passwords in the browser.
NISC発行「インターネットの安全・安心ハンドブックVer 5.00(第6章参照)」
※ only in Japanese version


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