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Current Trouble

(Already Restored)【KUINS】The network is unavailable in some buildings.

publication date : Mar.12, 2018

The communication was unavailable due to the failure of the network device on the following date and time as follows.下記の時間帯と建物で

The time of suspension of the communication:20:16-20:22 on Mar.10(Sat),2018

Afficiated areas:

General Research No.3 bldg
Faculty of Letters east bldg
Museum of Kyoto Univ.
Campus of Faculty of Letters
Campus of Liberal Atrs
General Research No.9 bldg(Former main bldg of digital engineering)

It's restored now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

The system was restored. We apologize for the inconvenience and trouble that you may have had.
Date of occurrence 2018/03/10 20:16 ~2018/02/10 20:22
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