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Current Trouble

【Additional Information】The mails to be delivered was deleted. (10/11 16:50-18:30)

publication date : Oct.28, 2016

To all users of mail:
We announced the following 2 in About some deleted mails to be delivered(16:50-18:30 Oct.11) as of Oct.12(Wed).
・The failure occurred in Spam assessment in Symantec Inc. and some mails delivered around 16:50-18:30 in Oct.11(Tue) were judged as SPAM in KUINS SPAM check server in this university and are deleted. ・We asked the senders to resend the deleted mails.
It turned out that there was a failure in search screen of Symantec Inc. and that the mails to be delivered were judged as a SPAM and were deleted as well as the ones we had announced in the further investigation. We will announce senders the information of the deleted mails and will ask to resend them (We had informed by email at Oct. 31st, 17:37 through 17:48 to the users who suffered from the issue).
There is a failure in parts which extract mails and there might be the case that more mails correspond to this issue will be found in the investigation afterwards. In that case we will announce immediately.
We will apologize not to be able to extract all mails which correspond to this issue in the previous investigation as well as the failure in delivering mails.
The system was restored. We apologize for the inconvenience and trouble that you may have had.
Date of occurrence 2016/10/11 16:50 ~2016/10/11 18:30
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