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Security Alert

【Important】 Caution concerning the vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player

publication date : Apr.15, 2015

Adobe Flash Player(*1) has vulnerabilities. For the details, please check the information from Adobe Systems Inc.
There is the information that the attack abusing the vulnerability fixed in this version had already occurred. Please update immediately.

There is a software (Office etc) to use Adobe Glash Player installed for Internet Explorer. Please update the Adobe Flash Player for Internet Explorer as well.

Notes::(*1)It's the software to be used widely in the Web page with a motion, which Adobe System Inc. develops. Faculty and Staff in Kyoto University uses Flash Player to take security e-learning.

- Adobe Flash Player lower than (Windows, Macintosh)
- Adobe Flash Player lower than (Linux)

You can check the version of Adobe Flash Playerin the following Web page.
Adobe Flash Player:Version Information
There might be the case that the update for the version of the chart displayed on this page because of the condition in Adobe Inc. Please check if this is the latest version in clicking "Flash Player download center" on the same page to carry out the installation.

Please update Adobe Flash Player to the following latest version.

- Adobe Flash Player (Windows, Macintosh)
- Adobe Flash Player (Linux)

About updating

In using the following 3 Web browser:
- Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8 : Due to the Windows Update, Adobe Flash Player will be provided as a update program. Please adapt it.(*2)
- Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 8.1 : Due to the Windows Update, Adobe Flash Player will be provided as a update program. Please adapt it.(*2)
- Google Chrome :Please update Google Chrome (*2)
Except for the above,please access to the Adobe Flash Player download center to update it to the latest version.

Notes:(*2)It might be the case the it requires a few days by the provision. In browsing the contents which requires Adobe Flash Player before the provision, please use another browser or invalidate the Flash Player.

【In case you fail to install or the operation stops in Mac】
It occurs when 【automatic proxy detection】 is on in proxy setting.Please remove [automatic proxy detection】 from "system environment settings"⇒"Network"⇒"Proxy", and set proxy.kuins.net:8080 both in "Web proxy" and "protected Web proxy".

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