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IKEv2 service will be unavailable for maintenance

publication date : Mar.11, 2024

Due to the system update of IKEv2 service, the service will be temporarily unavailable during the following date and time. After the system update, older devices such as Windows8 may not be available.

Thank you for understanding.

  1. general service (ikev2.kuins.kyoto-u.ac.jp) ... (Mon) Mar. 18, 2024 18:00-19:00(no stop)This maintenance was finished.
  2. VLAN fixed service (ikev2-*.kuins.kyoto-u.ac.jp (* is any)) ... (Thu) Mar. 21, 2024 18:00-19:00(several 5-minute stops)This update was reverted and rescheduled for (Fri) Mar. 22, 2024 18:00-19:00.
Period 2024.03.18 18:00 ~2024.03.22 19:00
Range affected
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