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【Education System 】<Apology>The restart of the PC terminals of the OSL was delayed

publication date : Feb.28, 2018

The educational conputer system service was expected to restart from the 1st of March 2018.

Unfortunately, due to some delays caused by the installation process of the PCs, we need more time to finish this process. The details are shown below.

We apologize for the trouble we may have caused you due to this delay.

Please understand that we are trying to provide the service after thorough check.

We expect the PCs inside the OSL room will be ready to use starting the 12th of March 2018.

Until the 9th of March 2018 please check if you belong to one of the following groups and contact us if necessary:

1.The people who need to keep files inside the educational computer system
2.The teachers who want to check the settings for the lesson environment

Please contact us by e-mail: edu-qa@media.kyoto-u.ac.jp .

Thank you for your understanding!

The system maintenance has been completed, and all services are now restored as norma. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.
Period 2018.03.01 00:00 ~2018.03.11 23:00
Range affected
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