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【Supercomputer】Maintenance work performed during the scheduled maintenance

publication date : Apr. 4, 2024

April 5, 2024: "Intel oneAPI" and "NVIDIA HPC SDK" were added to "Introducing New Versions of Software".
April 5, 2024: "Changing the default version when setting the module environment" was added.

The Supercomputer Systems have been updated upon completing the maintenance work performed from March 27 to April 4, 2024.

  1. Installation of New Software Versions
  2. Changes in Default Versions When Configuring Module

1. Installation of New Software Versions

The table below shows the new software versions installed after the last maintenance.

For details on how to use each software, please refer to the following web pages.

SoftwareNew VersionModulefile
Intel oneAPI
Intel Compiler 2023.2 intel/2023.2
2024.0 intel/2024
Intel MPI Library 2023.2 intelmpi/2023.2
2024.0 intelmpi/2024
Intel VTune 2023.2 intel-vtune/2023.2
2024.0 intel-vtune/2024
Intel Advisor 2023.2 intel-addvisor/2023.2
2024.0 intel-addvisor/2024
Intel Debugger 2023.2 intel-debugger/2023.2
2024.0 intel-debugger/2024
Intel Inspector 2023.2 intel-inspector/2023.2
2024.0 intel-inspector/2024
Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector 2023.2 intel-itac/2023.2
2024.0 intel-itac/2024
NVIDIA HPC SDK Compiler 23.9 nvhpc/23.9
CUDA 12.2.2 cuda/12.2.2
openmpi 4.1.5 openmpi/4.1.5_nvhpc-23.9
CUDNN 12.2.2 cudnn/
ISV Application
ENVI 6.0.0 envi/6.0.0
IDL 9.0.0 idl/9.0.0
Mathematica 14.0.0 mathematica/14.0.0
MSC Adams 2023.4 adams/2023.4
MSC Nastran 2023.4 nastran/2023.4
MSC Patran 2023.4 patran/2023.4
MAC Marc/Mentat 2023.4 marc/2023.4
LS-DYNA R14.1.0 ls-dyna/R14.1.0
ANSYS 2024R1.1 ansysmcfd/2024R1.1
Maple 2024 maple/2024.0
File transfer server
Archaea tools 1.5.4_28 -

Archaea dialog ver.1.1.2_11 is available. If you use archaea dialog, pelase update accordingly.

2. Changes in Default Versions When Configuring Module

Those listed below are the default versions when configuring using the module command.

If you load without using the slash (/) and the version number of module files, the default version will be set. Also, if you use the software version besides default, specify the slash and the version number when loading.

For details on the configuration using Modules, visit the following webpages:

SoftwareDefault Version(Available Hereafter)Default Version (Previously Available)
Intel oneAPI
Intel Compiler intel/2023.2 intel/2022.3
Intel MPI Library intelmpi/2023.2 intelmpi/2022.3
Intel VTune intel-vtune/2023.2 intel-vtune/2022.3
Intel Advisor intel-advisor/2023.2 intel-advisor/2022.3
Intel Debugger intel-debugger/2023.2 intel-debugger/2022.3
Intel Inspector intel-inspector/2023.2 intel-inspector/2022.3
Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector intel-itac/2023.2 intel-itac/2022.3
NVIDIA HPC SDK Compiler nvhpc/23.9 nvhpc/22.9
CUDA cuda/12.2.2 cuda/11.7.1
openmpi openmpi/4.1.5_nvhpc-23.9 openmpi/4.0.5_nvhpc-22.9
CUDNN cudnn/ cudnn/
ISV Application
ENVI envi/6.0.0 envi/5.6.3
IDL idl/9.0.0 idl/8.8.3
Mathematica mathematica/14.0.0 mathematica/13.1.0
MSC Adams adams/2023.4 adams/2022.3.1
MSC Nastran nastran/2023.4 nastran/2022.3
MSC Patran patran/2023.4 patran/2022.3
MSC Marc/Mentat marc/2023.4 marc/2022.3
LS-DYNA ls-dyna/R14.1.0 ls-dyna/R13.1.1
ANSYS ansysmcfd/2024R1.1 ansysmcfd/2022R2.2
Maple maple/2024.0 maple/2022.0
Programming Environment
PrgEnvIntel PrgEnvIntel/2023 PrgEnvIntel/2022
PrgEnvNVIDIA PrgEnvNVIDIA/2023 PrgEnvNVIDIA/2022
PrgEnvGCC PrgEnvGCC/2023 PrgEnvGCC/2022

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