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【Terminal Service】PC Terminals for education were updated

publication date : Mar.15, 2024

Physical PC Terminals for education are updated to the environment for the first semester.

・PC Terminal Service (OSL and Satellite Classroom)

・Available Software
【Limited on-Campus】Request and Availability of Software for Classes:
Available Software(As of March 15th, 2024)

■ About updating software installed on PC terminal

These softwares have been updated for the first semester of 2024.

[Add] TeraPad
[Update] LibreOffice
[Update] Maple 2023
[Update] MATLAB R2023b
[Update] Jupyter Notebook 7
[Delete] Adobe Creative Cloud (ACCMS South Bldg. 303 Seminar Room)

IBM SPSS Statistics is available in FY2024, but will be removed from PC terminals for education at the end of the year.

■ Migration of files from the old educational computer system

Files stored on the old system prior to FY2022 can be accessed from new terminals until March 2024 (end deadline). Please move your files before the deadline.

- In the case of a fixed terminal environment

- For virtual terminal environment

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