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Add security features to DNS servers

publication date : Feb. 7, 2024

KUINS DNS servers (host name resolution) as an information security measure
Add a function to block name resolution for domains used for malware and phishing.
This will reduce the risk of malware infection and information leakage in the event of accidental clicks on suspicious links on Web pages or in e-mails.
It also reduces the risk of communication to download sites and C&C in case of accidental malware infection.

Applicable date and time: 3/5 (Tue) 12:00-13:00
Target: All campus

When name resolution is blocked, the block screen as shown in the image will be displayed.
During HTTPS communication, a warning will be displayed on the web browser stating that the certificate cannot be verified.


If you suspect a false positive detection, please contact us at the email address for reporting targeted attacks sbox-address.

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