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【Educational Computing System】Suspension of PC Terminal Service and Cloud Storage Service

publication date : Jan.19, 2023

As we will be starting a new educational computer service from March 2023, the following three services will be unavailable during the following renewal period.

(Services subject to suspension)

1. Use of physical PC terminals (OSL, Satellite)
2. Use of virtual terminals (VDI)
3. Use of cloud storage services (Nextcloud)

(Period of suspension)

February 16 Thursday ~ early March (expected start of new service)
※The launch of the virtual desktop installation (VDI) and OneDrive services will be postponed until the last week of March or later.

※In classrooms or OSLs where physical PC terminals are currently installed, the use of
physical PC terminals will be suspended if and when the terminal removal process is
scheduled prior to February 16. Classrooms and OSLs where terminals will be removed
prior to February 16 are currently being coordinated.

Personal data currently being used with the current educational computing service can be migrated after the new service starts, but will not be available during the service suspension period, so please back it up to your personal terminal, etc. as necessary.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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