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Upgrading Software License Management Support Tool

publication date : Dec.20, 2021

Dear KU colleagues,

On December 23, 2021, IIMC will perform maintenance on our Software License Management Support Tool, or SLM Support Tool, to upgrade it to a new version.

This upgrade adds several functionalities that will enhance your productivity and convenience.

1) Export filtered results to Excel from Software List

Currently, system administrators or departmental managers can view the "Software list" and filter it by name, but when they download the data in Excel format, the system exports all the software information, including what they filtered out in the "Software list" view. The new version solves this problem by exporting only filtered results.

2) Add support to filtering and exporting filtered results on Managed Users and PC List

On the "Managed Users" and "PC List" view, the current version only shows all the PC users or PCs and doesn't have a filtering functionality, making it difficult for departmental managers to find what they are looking for on the list. The new version adds a filter to each view and also applies the filtered results to exported Excel files.

The maintenance will start at 6 PM and last for about one hour. Since the service may be disrupted for a few minutes, please avoid using the SML Support Tool during the maintenance window.

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