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Apolology and the report of network error occurred as of April. 16th.

publication date : Apr.17, 2015

We are awfully sorry for the trouble due to the network error of KUINS from 14:15 to 15:45 in April.16th.

We are usually dealing with the issue not to suspend the network system due to troubles, however, the unexpected amount of packet caused the trouble, which suspend the communication. We are sorry.

Here is the situation report and our support.

Date and time(network error):

April.16 (Thu) 14:15-15:45 Network error occurred, which unable us to have network communication.


The unexpected amount of packet was sent from the certain Terminals on-campus to the network device, which saturated the management of the device having difficulty in new processing and the communication system was totally suspended.

Support at KUINS:

To specify the reason, we performed the total check of each servers at KUINS as well as investigated the packet using communication analyzing tools and specified the terminals which generated the abnormal amount of packet. As we could specified the Teminals successfully, we reported the staff in charge of network of the department and separated the Terminals from network.

Measures from now on:

We will continuously investigate the detailed reason and perform the enforcement of monitoring this weekend.

In case it has troubles, we will deal with that.

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