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2018 Kyoto University New Student Orientation (For New Undergraduate student)

publication date : Feb.14, 2018

New Student Orientation for new undergraduate student will be given on April 3 (Tue), April 4 (Wed), and April 5 (Thu).
The details are as follows. New undergraduate students, please attend the orientation.

  • Human rights and Compliance in student life
  • Use of Network and Security
  • Use of Library
  • In order to have a safe campus life
  • Lifesaving training

Date/TimePlace: Yoshida-South Campus Bldg. No.4
Room 11 Room 21 Room 30 Room 31
Apr.3 (Tue.)
・Faculty of Medicine
Department of Medical Science
・Faculty of Agriculture
Bioresource Science
・Faculty of Medicine
Human Health Science
・Faculty of Agriculture
-Agricultural and Environmental Engineering
-Food Science and Biotechnology
・Faculty of Science
・Faculty of Agriculture
Food and Environmental Economics
・Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
・Faculty of Agriculture
-Applied Life Sciences
-Forest and Biomaterials Science
Apr.4 (Wed.)
・Faculty of Letters ・Faculty of Economics ・Faculty of Law ・Faculty of Integrated Human Studies
・Faculty of Education
Apr.5 (Thu.)
・Faculty of Engineering
Engineering Science Industrial Chemistry Global Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Informatics and Mathematical Science
Inquiry ICT Support Center IIMC
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