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Orientation for New International Students (Spring 2018)― Library Network・Institute for Information Management and Communication ―

publication date : Jan.31, 2018

Three organizations concerning Information environment, Library network, Health, Safety and Environment offer guidance so that new students can start their education, research and school life smoothly in Kyoto University.

This Orientation is our university's only guidance that includes important topics of campus life such as the use of Internet, countermeasures against computer viruses, how to search for research theses and research papers, health management, eco-friendly life etc.
Please make sure you attend this Orientation !

  • 【Target】Graduate students, Credited auditors, Research students, International students enrolled in 2018
  • 【Date】 April.19, (Thu) 16:30~18:30
  • 【Place】Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS). 3F (Yoshida-South Campus)

【Contents of the guidance 】(Guidance is provided in English)

(1) Use of Network and Security

You will be given comprehensive information such as what kind of information environment Kyoto University has, how you should use it, what you should be careful about when using it and how you should use your student account (ECS-ID)

(2) Use of Library

We will explain how to properly use the electronic resources such as e-journals, databases and -books. You will also be explained about general use of the library resources and what you should be careful about when using them.

(3) In order to have a safe campus life

So as not to put your health and your life in danger, which may jeopardize your campus life, we will explain about the trend of potential accident risks that you should be careful about, how to perform experiments safely, healthcare related issues, environmentally conscious behavior etc.

(4) CPR・AED seminar

You will learn how to perform chest compressions and how to use an AED device based on simple teaching materials (Appa-kun). You will learn how to save lives by cardiopulmonary resuscitation

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