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Guidance for new students of the second semester in 2015

publication date : Sep. 3, 2015

Three organization concerning Information environment, Library network, Environment safety offer guidance so that new students can start their new education, research and school life smoothly in Kyoto Universit y. The guidance includes the important topics of campus life which you can't get in the guidance of the graduate school such as the use of Internet, information of computer virus measure, security measure, search of research thesis, health management, eco life etc.
Be sure to participate (including students from undergraduate school) in this guidance.


【English】 Thursday 8 or Thursday 15 Oct.2015 16:30~18:40

【Japanese】 Friday 9 or Wednesday 14 Oct.2015 16:30~18:40

2.Place :South Bulding of Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies (Yoshida South Campus)

3.Outline of the guidance

"Information environment and Information security"

We will tell you what information environment in Kyoto University is, what can be used, and about cautions for the use comprehensively. The concrete information is about the cautions concerning ECS-ID, students a ccounts needed to use the various information system service which Kyoto University offers, the matters concerning information security needed to use information environment safely, the matters concerning network connection to the university, and the available information system or service etc.

"The use of library"

We will explain mainly the use of e-resource such as e-journals , database, and e-books etc and how to order the documents unable to obtain in Kyoto University. In particular, graduates school students come to have many opportunities to use e-resource including from their houses. Therefore we will encourage the wise use taking up some cautions and will introduce the inquiry counter and manuals.

"Safety and health"

We will explain the conditions or various approaches for building up the sustainable campus which developed the eco campus based on environmental plans and environmental charter which Kyoto University fixed, the condition of Greenhouse gas emissions, environmental burden in Kyoto University(energy consumption, waste and emissions of polluted materials).
Also, we will tell you the measure of accident, tendency of accident, safety measure at the experiment, detailed access to accident information, outline of approach for safety, purpose and significance of medical checkup.

"AED seminar" ※Optional

Participants will learn how to save life with CPR and how to use AED and chest compression with simple materials(Appa-kun). Learning how to save lives in case somebody had a heart attack in front of you and how to take steps in that case is common nowadays and it's important for graduates school students and International students to learn it. Also we want students to have in understanding how important our lives are and in cultivating a spirit to help people. That's why we include this seminar in this guidance.

4. Please attend the guidance with your student ID card and ECS-ID notification.

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