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[Supercomputer] Acceptance of Online Applications for the Supercomputer Systems

publication date : Jan.12, 2021

We are pleased to announce that we have started accepting online applications for the supercomputer systems, instead of the paper applications which had been submitted by mail.

To submit your application online, please scan and convert the completed and stamped application form into a PDF file, and submit it from the form at the following URL. There is no need to submit the original documents by mail. Please note that some of the fields for stamps on the application form have been omitted to correspond with the start of the online submission, so please obtain the latest application form to submit online.

Online Application URL: https://u.kyoto-u.jp/hpc-onlineapp (shortened URL for Kyoto University)

For more information about the application, please refer to Application Procedures.

If you are already using the service, you can apply for the service course online from the User Portal.

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