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Notice about stoppage of network communication service due to scheduled electric suspension

publication date : Aug.26, 2014

The network communication service will stop in each campus due to the scheduled electric suspension by periodic inspection maintenance of electricity equipment.
Please be noted that KUINS information consent and Wireless LAN access-point are not available during the maintenance .
Date and time of the electric suspension is as following link or please inquire the facility section in your department about the detailed date and time in your facilities.


  • Yoshida-south campus: Sep.28, 2014(Sun) 8:30-17:00
  • Katsura campus: Oct.5,2014(Sun) 8:00-20:00
  • University Hospital(West) campus: Oct.12,2014(Sun) 8:30-12:00/13:00-16:00
  • Main campus(North):Oct.13,2014(Mon,National holiday)8:30-17:00
  • University Hospital(East)campus:Oct.18,2014(Sat)8:30-12:00/13:00-17:00 Oct.19,2014(Sun)8:30-12:00/13:00-17:00
  • Main campus(South):Oct.25,2014(Sat)8:30-17:00/ Oct.26,2014(Sun)8:30-17:00
  • Uji campus:Nov.3,2014(Mon,National holiday)8:00-17:00
  • North campus:Nov.9,2014(Sun)8:30-17:00
  • Faculty of Medicine campus:Dec.7,2014(Sun)8:30-17:00

Also, the additional network system will stop in the following campus due to the electric suspension in the facility with upstream network device.

  • All the facilities in the University Hospital(East) campus:Oct.19,2014(Sun)13:00-17:00

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

The system maintenance has been completed, and all services are now restored as norma. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.
Period 2014.09.28 08:30 ~2014.12.07 17:30
Range affected
Inquiry TEL:075-753-7840
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