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【PandA】A Request before Starting New Semester on PandA(faculty/Instructor)

publication date : Sep.27, 2021

All faculty/Instructor

A Request before Starting New Semester on PandA(faculty/Instructor)

Most classes will be conducted as online classes until October 21,2021, and we are expecting that PandA will have enormous accesses. Just in case where PandA fail to serve, we would like to ask you to publish the Zoom access information for your classes on KULASIS. We have already asked students to confirm the Zoom access information on KULASIS until the day before the class.


  1. After logging into KULASIS, create your course site on PandA by clicking on the PandA link at the class support page.
  2. After logging into PandA, access to the created course site, and add Zoom (KU License) plugin tool under the neath of Manage Tool at Site Info.
  3. Create the meeting schedules for your fifteen classes by clicking on Zoom (KU License) and using repeat settings.
  4. Open the detailed info by click on every meeting title. Copy the Zoom access info by clicking on "Copy Meeting Invitation".
  5. Create a file in which the Zoom access info is put by any software on your local PC.
  6. Upload the created file as a class material at class support page.

【On the day of class】

  1. Log into PandA prior to the class about thirty minutes and access to the Zoom.
  2. Use the Zoom access info you confirmed when you cannot log into PandA. You need to use your SPS-ID/ECS-ID for user authentication.


  1. You can see the latest status of PandA from the below URL.
  2. You can also see other PandA related info from the below URL.

Inquiry E-mail:supportiimc.kyoto-u.ac.jp

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