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An introduction to UNIX/Linux

publication date : Mar.10, 2020

Due to the novel coronavirus, this seminar has been postponed.

We will carry out the lecture and drill about the basic use of UNIX and Linux.

※Super computer is the candidate for Export Administration Regulations and taking lecture is also subject of the regulations of Foreign Exchange Control Law and relevant law. Please be aware of that. For the details, please check "the use of super computer for non-Japanese and those who live overseas.

About the use of super computer for non-Japanese and those who live overseas


* The lecture will be held only in Japanese.

Date May.15(Fri),2020 13:00~16:30
Venue Academic Center for Computing and Media Studes, Nouth Blg.
Eligibility for participation The users of large scale computing system
Application Form End of reception
Application Period 2020/11/09 17:45:25 ~ 2020/11/09 17:45:25
Capacity 20
Sponsor Large-Scale computing service group
Inquiry TEL:075-753-7407
Inquiry Form


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